On the Rise

On the Rise Cover

On the Rise (Penumbra #1)

Available in: ebook, print

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Contains: female protagonist, black protagonist, multiple characters of colour


Sky Thompson has a normal life; a boyfriend, best friend, and parents she loves very much. She’s happy. Until one day she finds her boyfriend in bed with another woman and her life careens out of control.

Now her parents are dead, torn apart by a creature out of a nightmare. Sky knows what it is, she saw it with her own eyes, and she won’t rest until her parents’ killer is dead. She wants revenge, and nothing will stand in her way.

But revenge is far from simple and the cost is higher than Sky ever dreamed it could be. Can she find the strength within herself to see this through? And will she be able to come to terms with the fact life isn’t black and white, and that there is more at stake here than just revenge?