Book Announcement: The Whisper of the Leaves by Rachel Tonks Hill

It is my very great pleasure to announce that my next novel, The Whisper of the Leaves, will be released on 25th August 2017. It is available to pre-order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the Kobo store. Print copies coming later this month from Amazon (they can’t do pre-orders for print copies it seems).

The cover art for The Whisper of the Leaves is below.

The Whisper of the Leaves 3D

The Whisper of the Leaves is a short fantasy novel starring a grumpy dwarf named Bazrad. She gets roped into an adventure she doesn’t want by a pair of elves, Elarnaud and Arcaena. Along the way she learns a bit about the world and a lot about herself.

The story is kind of a pulpy fantasy that, hopefully, is a lot of fun to read. It was certainly a lot of fun to write. It’s short, for a fantasy, but any longer and I feel the story would outstay its welcome. If you get to the end and want more then I consider myself to have done my job right.

This novel started out as a 1000 words short story I wrote for one of Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction competitions and it left me needing to know more. Some fifty-thousand words later and I finally had a story I felt did justice to the character of Bazrad.

But what is it about? Well, here be blurb:

Bazrad ka-Duri is happy with her life. Sure she’s been exiled to the surface and no one else seems to notice that the trees can talk, but things could definitely be worse.

Her plans to spend her remaining exile drinking herself into a stupor are disrupted by a pair of elves who drop in to say hello. Apparently the fact she can hear what the trees are saying is a “gift”—The Whisper of the Leaves—and they need her to use it to save their home. What follows is an adventure Bazrad could never have anticipated and never really wanted. She will find herself caring about things she doesn’t want to care about, and questioning every choice she’s ever made.

When things don’t go according to plan, will Bazrad do the right thing, or will she run?

Those of you with beady eyes will notice that The Whisper of the Leaves is book one of a series titled Daughter of Duri. That’s right, there will be more adventures in the future for Bazrad.

For now I just hope you enjoy her initial outing. Please consider pre-ordering this book in the format of your choice. It would make this wordsmith very happy.

Also it will pay for the coffee I need to finish my next book.

Pre-order links:

Barnes and Noble

The Whisper of the Leaves Front Cover

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