Patreon page announcement!

Way back in the mists of time (May, it was May, Tonks) I promised everyone that a Patreon was coming.

And here it is!

By signing up to my Patreon you guys give me the incalculably valuable gift of having a regular income every month, and in return you can get access to:

  • Updates about what I’m working on and what’s coming out next
  • Posts that usually live behind more expensive pay walls
  • Snippets of works in progress
  • Full chapters of new books
  • Copies of everything I’ve published to date

And, if all goes well

  • Monthly short stories
  • Serial fiction
  • Also probably pictures of my dog sometimes

Woof, that’s a lot of stuff for as little as $1 month (subscriptions are in dollars because the US is the centre of the universe I guess).

Seriously though folks, having a regular income is the dream for every writer and you can be a part of making it happen for me. Even the tiniest bit of financial security means the world to me and gives me more brain space to write new things for you.

Which means even more articles, stories, chapters and free books for my patrons.

Hop on over and become a patron today. Then tell a friend. Tell all your friends. Tell them this is the chance they’ve always wanted to be as patronising as possible.

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